Hugh Macken, Dr. Chris Ward and the Conspiracy that the Law Society in Australia don’t want you to know…

You can’t keep a good man down! A Blue Ocean of Deceit: Enough is Enough Bryan Stralow Introduction As a result of initially drafting this document in different formats, and in recital of these items and scenarios, I saw that it would be most befitting to write this in a quasi-autobiographical, memoir-styled novel. This being […]

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Need accurate duplication of your favorite fashion item? Try

by Tasha Simeon,, on September 14, 2017. We all have our favorite items of clothing. Sometimes, that evening or formal dress, business/ work suit, casual frock or garment needs replacing. We can help recreate the coveted item. Our replication service is second to none. Simply contact us for discussions and send in your items, […] […]

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Tree Roots damaging your Home? Contact Mason and Maker – Melbourne and VIC

If you have tree roots affecting your brick driveway, retaining wall or your actual house structure, call on us to handle the whole issue for you. We can contact your neighbour or council, or whomever we need, to get you results. We also find that as we act on your behalf, this saves any grief… via […]

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All Cracked Up? Try #melbournebrickrepair’s #slurrywall

Australia is one of the driest places on earth. If your house slab is built on highly reactive clay soil types, the expansion and contraction of the clay may cause differential settlement within the sub base region under your house slab and also contribute to large crack formations in your brick masonry walls. If this… via […]

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Let us #repair your #brick — #MelbourneBrickRepair

Do you have cracked and old masonry walls that need fixing? Have a leaking roof or floor, old looking stone & stucco render or general facade maintenance requirements? If you do and you wish to receive fast pricing and turnaround on your project, then you are definitely in the right place! Try our NEW Secure… via […]

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Heritage Brick Restoration in Ballarat | Brick Repair

Raised Ribbon Pointing replacing older Brick Tuck Pointing on Ballarat Heritage Facade When comparing traditional ribbon pointing as opposed to brick tuckpointing there are several differentiating factors. As you can see from the above photo, the heavy oxide mix used on brick tuckpointing (top courses) can actually cause issues if not installed correctly. Mortar, often… via […]

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Customised Solutions for Stadiums – Waterproofing & Concrete Repair

Remedial Solutions for Problematic Public Structures by Bryan Stralow,, on September 14, 2017. When dealing with problematic water ingress issues on stadium structures, owners want a solution that will work — and last! New or old, we can help protect the structure. Whilst we use a combination of proprietary systems supplied to us by […] […]

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