Reinforced Earth and Mass Gravity Retaining Walls

A French-owned franchise, Reinforced Earth operates in Australia; servicing Mining and Civil infrastructure works. I worked there for 4 years as Project Coordinator and then as Project Manager.

Projects, and achievements, included Ipswich Motorway Duplication, where I established the crash barrier interaction detail which allowed the use of reco ReHas, the reinforced earth high adhesion strap, to be used to counter the effects of the rotating force that the oddly shaped crash barrier were projecting. This allowed reco to invoice a $1M monthly progress payment, a new ‘single’project’ company record, due to my work on the design variation.

This also allowed the client to benefit from not having to change details on their barrier which is a very big deal indeed on a $4B motorway duplication.

Due to my exceptional diligence, I was provided with the RExcell, Reinforced Earth’s certificate of achievement.

With an estimated 60,000m2 of retaining wall managed by me in that period, my total project value equates to approximately $100m in under four years.

Ballina Bypass; another Bryan Stralow reco project